I earned it

Well earned blue t-shirt

  © Jens Larsson I really had to work for this blue t-shirt. Came up with a design that won a competition for the 2014 Gotland360-“logo”; had to make the…Read More

GRRRRReat designer

© Jens Larsson Ad for myself on (swedish) Facebook, in swedish. And, no, please don’t eat the designer! (In swedish ‘grym’ actually means ‘cruel’ but in this context ‘wicked’ or…Read More

Getting beastly

Sketching for climbing badges with different animals. Not sure what style to go for yet. This is ONE idea. © Jens Larsson

May U Skate?

is the name of a skate competition held every year in (You guessed it!) May, Stockholm, Sweden. I was part staff part photographer and totally enjoyed the kids’ awesomeness! ©…Read More